About Us

“We believe that every individual has potential in its own kind”.

Nature Lovers is non-profitable non-government organization which works with an active participation of nearly 200 members. The working of the team is divided into two parts i.e NATURE ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM (NEP) and COMMUNITY ACTION SERVICE(CAS). The idea behind working in two different sub-teams is to have major impact on two different part of our society.

The working of NEP mainly focuses on the young generation of our country. The NEP team come with different parameters and selected schools are targeted to complete these parameters. With the help of this, we give the opportunity to the theoretical knowledge into practice. The program starts in the month of June and ends in December.

The working of CAS is somewhat different. The CAS team works with schools which are for specially abled. The team goes there and take a different workshop for these students with an intention to motivate them. At the same time, some of the members deliver a lecture to underprivileged students, teach them and motivate them. The program starts in the month of june and ends in December.

Leo Sports Week

LSW is an annual event organized by Nature Lovers with the purpose of creating a team bond between the club members and to know the other members. Each year 4 teams participate and compete with each other with sportsmanship in them. Around 9 different sports are there consisting of team game and individual.



Red Team

Green Team

Blue Team


Why Choose Us

Your choice of a partner for your charitable giving is important. We are actively involved in social service to make a positive contribution in the growth and development of society. You can work for the cause that you are most passionate about.

Our Vision

Bringing together nature and community for better future

Our Mission

Encouraging the youth of the city into nature conservation and community awarness programs and social responsibility initiatives