About Us

"We believe that every individual has potential in its own kind."

EPIC, Encouraging Potential in Community, is an all India platform to promote the art & talent in the specially-abled individuals in our society. A concept by EPIC FOUNDATION & Leo Club of Poona Nature Lovers initiated in 2014 with a sole purpose of encouraging the exceptional and outstanding potential in the visually-impaired, deaf and mute, mentally and physically challenged individuals. EPIC is an annual event materializing in Pune, providing a platform for over 3000 specially-abled students in the past and it aspires to grow even stronger and wider as a stage for the specially-abled beings. Over 6000 audience members have witnessed the EPIC Energy Of boundary less inspiration, mesmerizing moments and heartfelt thoughts while watching the show. We strive to Grow even bigger and stronger as a platform where every specially-abled anywhere could feel recognized by his/her talent not by his/her disability'.


We are actively involved in social service to make a positive contribution in the growth and development of the society. You can work for the cause that you are most passionate about.

Our Vision

We strive to encourage every Specially-abled to be recognised by his/her Ability and not by his/her Disability

Our Mission

To provide a platform which will bridge the gap between the Abled and Specially-abled