"We beleive that every individual has potential in its own kind"
We the youth aged 16-24 organise a show which is an all India platform called EPIC, Encouraging Potential In Community. It is a concept by Leo Club of Poona Nature Lovers initiated in 2014 with a sole purpose of encouraging and promoting exceptional and outstanding talent in differently-abled individuals across the nation. We strive to grow even bigger and stronger as a platform to a point where every specially-abled anywhere should be recognised by his/her talent not by his/her disability.

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Each one of us shares the common goal of serving the society and seeking the complete development of it. Constantly striving towards this goal ensures we go that extra mile to provide a value-added service to our society. We encourage you to visit our events to see for yourself what we are all about. Want to know who you are working with? We look forward to introducing you to our Family.

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